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Thursday, May 17, 2012

May Day! May Day!

This is an SOS for anyone out there that might actually stop by to see if I've rambled on lately.  Please, help me be better at this.  Leave a comment (or 2 or 3) to let me know that I'm not alone in blogger land, ha!  Maybe it will even motivate me to be more faithful about plopping my feelings and thoughts on here.

In other news, a month has gone by and it was slightly busy.  We spent a weekend in New Hampshire - shopping, hiking, shopping, eating, shopping, hot tubing, shopping.  Yeah...it was great.  Work is terrifying - like normal.  Our receptionist position has been cut and as of July 1, we are all assuming extra duties.  Not looking forward to July 1.  I made it through a 2nd mothers day without mom.  We planted lovely pansies on her grave and talked of her often.  I'm never going to stop missing her.  I'm going with a friend this weekend to help her find a dress for her wedding.  I'm so excited to share this moment with her.  B dropped fresh pineapple on the kitchen floor tonight and I had to scrub cuz it was sticky.   I think that sums up my month pretty well!

I'm looking forward to Saturday.  Right now I haven't a plan in the world.  Just hoping for sunny weather and some ambition!