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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Story of Us

A little over 10 years ago, I met a guy online.  He lived about 4 hours away and we chatted online and on the phone and after a month we decided to meet in person.  So I brought my sister and her husband and her baby daughter and we met him at a restaurant and had our first date.  We all liked him!  So we dated for a bit, but then broke up.  We dated other people, and then about 8 months later we started talking again.  Then I was diagnosed with uteran cancer.  And he was wonderful friend through it all, sending flowers, visiting and keeping me sane. 

As the months went by, we dated, we fell in love, he bought a ring and kept it a secret.  Two years after we first met online, I opened the oven at this house to find a giant cookie with "Will You Marry Me" written in icing and a ring box in the middle.  We planned a wedding that would include all of our family and friends and 8 years ago today we met at the altar and said "I do".   It was just the beginning of a wonderful, crazy journey. 

He makes me laugh, wipes my tears, and keeps me on my toes.  He loves me and our families and he has stood by my side through thick and thin.  The future is wide open and I can't wait to see where it takes us next.

The end.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

What A Weekend!

We are home from a fabulous weekend with wonderful friends.  We have an anniversary twin.   Wonder what the heck that is?  Well, one of my best friends and her hubby were married on the same day as us.  When we picked our wedding date, I had no idea...how cool is that?  Any who, this is their 30th wedding anniversary, and our 8th so we headed to the beach for the weekend to celebrate.

Our husbands really didn't know each other (my friend and I met through work) and we didn't know how that would all pan out, but we really didn't care either - we just wanted sunshine, sand, and a fun weekend .  We got that, and so much more!  Our husbands had a great time getting to know each other and getting to see their brides in a whole different light.  We walked on the beach, panned for gold, got sun burns, ate tons, shopped, got fitted for toe rings ( they hurt going on, in case you are wondering - but look really cool),  most of all, we all become better friends and made sweet memories.   B and I have spent plenty of time at the beach, but this weekend we enjoyed it in a whole new way.  We got to share our favorite places to eat, favorite parking area (next to the beach with bathrooms, woo hoo!) and a great place to stay with our friends.    Because they were with us, we took a stroll after dark on the beach, swam in a freezing pool, found a great place to sit and enjoy an ice cream in the shade and so much more.

It was sad to see them head north, a weekend wasn't long enough!  Time to start planning our next adventure!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dad vs. the Groundhogs

I love my Dad.   B was working this past weekend, so I headed north to spend some quality time with Dad on his "special" weekend.  He informed me Friday night that he had a small groundhog problem.  Seems that a family had moved in under his porch and he needed to have them vacate the premises, one way or another. He felt that they were mocking him by not going into hiding when he mowed the lawn the night before.   He had a "have-a-heart" trap set up with a red hot dog in it as bait.  Saturday morning rolled around and nothing was in the trap..but the hotdog had disappeared!  These were some crafty animals.

Dad was whipping my butt at cribbage and I happened to glance outside and noticed a groundhog.  Dad took off for his bedroom so he could get a clear shot, grabbed his gun, slowly cranked the window open (which scared the groundhog) and waited.  I was not real sure how great of a shot he was - I don't really remember him shooting a whole lot when we were kids.  He could have hit the gas grill, the porch, the cellar doors, or who knows what else!   Bang!  I look out and see nothing.  Dad just missed, and his uninvited roommates went back into hiding.  We went back to my losing game of cribbage and sure enough, a groundhog popped back up outside just a few minutes later.  Off Dad went to his bedroom, bang!  One down.

Before days end, the world was minus 3 ground hogs.  Dad was feeling like a big game hunter.  And I realized that you can take the girl out of the County (and country) but you can't take the County out of the girl.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Flowers (and a Tomato Plant)

A couple of weeks ago, I went to two of my local greenhouses and bought annuals to plant in buckets and in the ground.  I didn't give a lot of thought to what I was buying.  I knew that I needed some stuff that would hang out of pots and some that would stand tall.  I like pansies.  So I brought home flowers.  A lot of them.   I immediately planted my pretty little pansies with their sweet faces (that's what my mom would always say) near the end of the driveway around the light pole and I filled one of my barrels and a hanging basket.  Then the bugs started biting and I went in the house.

The next day the rains came and it rained for 40 days and 40 nights...or it just felt that way.  Sunshine came back into our world this weekend so I ran right outside to plant the rest.  I filled 3 more buckets, planted inpatients around one of the trees and still had enough left to plant a few more around the deck.  Bottom line, I bought too many flowers, but they looked pretty at the greenhouse and they look pretty at our house.   Now I have to water and deadhead and turn them or they will die.  That's what normally happens to flowers here.  They look good for a couple of weeks, I take pictures and pat myself on the back (or maybe I'm checking for ticks!)  Then we go on vacation for a few days and come home to brown leaves.

Oh, and I forget to mention that B brought home a tomato plant last night that his coworker started from seed    This coworker is into composting so B saved up our scraps in a lovely ziplock bag.  Supposedly this tomato plant is the one he used "our" composting in.   Now we're responsible for that too! 

I have high hopes for our flowers (and tomato plant) for 2012.  I have a plan to keep them looking good.  This is going to be my year to prove myself wrong... and that I really do have a green thumb!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Walking with the Hubby

Today we had a good bye luncheon for one of my co-workers.  I love pot luck luncheons, it's like a license to eat til your belly hurts.  Where else do you put chips and dip, next to lasagna, next to carrot cake.  Yum!  This has been a week of over eating and so tonight B and I went for a walk on the track at our local high school.  Now B has already played an hour of basketball today, and is in better shape then I will ever hope to be, so walking with him is always an adventure. 

We started out at a pretty good clip, side by side, talking and enjoying the time together.  About 3 laps in, my pace was slowing just a bit and Brent had moved over a couple of lanes so he could speed walk to my slow trot.  Middle of lap 5 he called his brother and chatted, while I huffed and puffed and tried not to fall down.  He continued to chat with his brother through lap 6 and 7.  I, on the other hand, made a slicing motion across my throat as we neared the track opening by our vehicle at the end of lap 7.  He made a motion (while still chit chatting easily) to do another lap and I threw him that ice cold "are you kidding me?" look and headed to the car. 

He wasn't winded.  I needed a tall glass of water.  He could have run 4 or 5 more laps.  I wanted to lay on the grass and take a nap.

I love the man...he is my great motivator to become a healthier me.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Growing up a Farm Kid

I just checked out one of my favorite bloggers - thepioneerwoman.com - and today she showed photos of her kiddos helping out on the ranch.  It took me way back to growing up on our potato farm.  We were a family of 5 and we did it all.  From planting to harvesting and all the stuff in between.  It was a small operation, mom and dad scraped by and provided us with what we needed.  Some years were better than others, but we never went without.  Mom sewed our clothes, was a wonderful cook and the best partner my Dad could ever want.

We lived five miles away from town and working on the farm kept us from some things -   I never had a "friend" birthday party - my birthday fell right in the middle of potato harvest.  I spent a lot of Christmas breaks working in the potato house, instead of snowmobiling or skiing with my friends, summer was spent picking rocks and mustard and whatever else might need to be done on the farm.  My "town" friends probably felt bad for me,  but they had no idea how much fun we had as a family.  To this day, we crack each other up with stories of singing Donny & Marie songs on the harvester  and wearing sod on our head like hair.  Or the time I ran over the cute neighbor boy with the rock cart (don't worry, he was ok!) 

My parents worked hard and from them I developed a strong work ethic.  I will forever be grateful for my growing up years.   Today the farm is bigger, computerized and for the most part the jobs we had as kids are gone.  Except for the time honored tradition of picking rocks.  Three or 4 kids, walking behind a tractor pulling a cart, picking up rocks in the field and chucking them in the cart.  It's usually hot, dirty and seems like torture at the time.  If you are lucky, someone brings out milkshakes at least once or twice.  You earn a few bucks and make tons of great "remember when" memories.  I'm so glad all my nieces and nephews are picking rocks this year.  I love that at least one part of the farm work that I did as a kid has not changed one bit!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Today we went to our nephew's high school graduation.  Our local high school holds it's graduation down in "the city" at a large arena because there are so many graduates - the high school gym will not hold everyone.  This is a strange thing for me - we had about 50 in our graduating class and we all fit in the gymnasium just fine. 

It is such a time of change - school winding down, summer starting...then the fall.  What to do?  College, work?  It seemed much easier when I graduated.  Off to college I went, without another thought.  It was what most all of us did - at least for a semester!

Our nephew isn't sure what he wants to do - he will probably take a few college courses, look for a job...and look for inspiration for what he wants to do with the rest of his life.