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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sshhhiiiffttt work

When B and I met he worked a day job, 5 days a week - in at 6 a.m. and home by 2:30 p.m. and it worked great for us. We had our weekends to do what we wanted, he was home early during the week so we could take off and do what we wanted. Then, in one of those life altering moments, he was notified that his job was being eliminated and our choices were limited. Hang in there and hope they changed their mind or go back to the job he was working 10 years ago...on a rotating shift. The good news - more bucks per hour and a lot of time off. The bad news - 12 hour, rotating shifts.

I was an independent, lived on my own for 20 years, kinda gal before we married. But for the last 5 1/2 years, our work lives blended perfectly and now suddenly he is working nights and weekends and 5 months into this new life, I'm still not sure how I feel about it. He has time off during the week when I'm working - how fair is that? He only gets 2 weekends off a month, so what am I suppose to do those other 2 weekends while he's either working night and sleeping days or working days and not home til after 6 p.m.?

I know that there will come a time that I will forget what life, as we knew it before, was like. Maybe. I am getting used to the time alone, although I still don't sleep that great when he's working nights, but I'm rocking the dark circles under my eyes, so it's all good.

I guess when you love someone you just figure it out. So that's where we are, figuring it out. I try hard not to be jealous during his 7 day off stretch each month and he tries to ignore me when I whine about wanting a 7 day off stretch each month too!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Beginning

So, during a weekend of anniversary celebrating, I announced to my husband of 6 years that I was going to start a blog and he couldn't do anything about it. This don't-post-anything-about-me-on-facebook-or-I'll-freak-out man of my dreams said "go for it". OK. That was strange. Was he using reverse psychology? Did he think I'd change my mind if he was all for it? I know better than to question him too deeply, so I changed the subject, enjoyed the rest of our weekend and quietly started a quest to come up with a clever name. Judging by what I came up with, I should have quested a little longer I think.

Regardless, it's a start..a beginning of something for me, from me. I like starting new things, which is why I have several books by my night stand that I've started and not finished, crochet projects half done, and a photo collage laid out on my living room floor at this very moment that needs just a couple more pics to finish it up.

There can only be one beginning...and I'm wishing this one was a bit more exciting. Oh well, maybe that's what comes next!