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Monday, August 19, 2013

Disney Count Down

B and I are getting ready for a little vacation to see the mouse!  We have been counting this down for months - when it was a triple digits countdown!   We even put a count down app on our phones, and have had so much fun reminding each other of how many days are left.

It was wonderful when we got to double digits, then last week we hit the single numbers and now we are down to 7 days...7 DAYS!!!  I love Disney World and all it has to offer and B loves me and all I have to offer - so this trip suits us both, ha ha!

We are staying on property, have trips planned into the parks, have a segway adventure planned (heaven help me, I'm sure there will be stories to tell about this one), and just can't wait to relax.

I've been planning all summer for this trip, buying a few new things, and not wearing them all summer just so I can have them for Disney.  I'm strange, and I know it.  B packed his suitcase last night.  I'm holding out for another day or two.  Oh alright, you know I've already put a few things in!

This is such a big adventure for us and I just hope it lives up to how excited we are for it!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday Wore Me Out

I stayed home a couple of days this week with my silly summer cold and today was my first day back at the grind.  Within 10 minutes of being in my office, I was tired, clammy, and ready to go take a nap.  But I'm a farmer's daughter, so I hung in there for my 8 hours and then headed home to crash.  My butt has been planted on the couch since I got here. Oh wait, I did sort laundry - so I have been somewhat productive! My sweet B is getting supper for us at Subway and then he's heading off to burn more calories at basketball (he's already biked today).  I'm going to continue to keep the couch warm and watch my waist expand. 

Here's hoping I find some energy for Thursday!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer colds

I have a cold.  It's summer.  It is probably the worst cold I have had in any season for several years.  How does that happen?  I'm blaming air conditioners.  I have one blowing on my back at work.  We have one in our bedroom and we spent the weekend camping with friends a week ago and the one in their camper was blowing on my face.  I think those 3 air conditioners conspired against me and have made me miserable. 

Summer colds stink, it was 80 outside yesterday and I was curled up on the couch with a blanket over me.  I've coughed til my ribs hurt and despite being at the beach on Saturday - I'm so pale it looks like I haven't been outside for months.

So, I'm home today.  Resting under my blanket, taking some meds and trying to make this cold go away and never come back!