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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My name is Annie and I love Reality TV

It's true..I'm a reality TV show junkie. I am currently watching a DVR'd episode of Big Brother, watched the Bachelorette last night and may watch the Kardashians, Top Chef or whatever other kinda reality TV I can get my eyeballs on later (after B falls asleep!) And..what makes it more than entertainment is that B watches some of this stuff with me...and talks to the TV while doing it. He's the best!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Weekend to Remember

We stuffed as much as we could into this past weekend. I took Friday off, and picked B. up at 5:55 a.m. (after he had worked all night) and we made the 4 hour drive to my parents. My Dad's 50th class reunion was this weekend and his classmates and their significant others were coming to tour his farm and check out the changes in potato farming over the past 50 years. My parents were so proud to have all of their family there - it was worth getting up at 4:45 a.m. and I'd do it again in a heart beat. I spent time with my 8 year old spitfire niece. We played cards, picked raspberries and ate grilled cheese sandwiches. We visited my 92 year old grandfather at the local nursing home - he might not remember our names...but he knows our faces and that's enough. We had homemade french fries and bbq'd steak with my parents. My oldest niece (and her boyfriend) and my oldest nephew came over at 9 p.m. to play cards with us and teach my dad a new game. We went to church and watched our niece sing (the spitfire again!), we visited with my sister and her family, we went for a ride in my Dad's new Case IH Scout ATV, and we just watched and marveled as my mom emerges from the pit that chemo had her trapped in. I texted with my sisters-in-law on the way home and made plans for this week. B & I are so fortunate to have such wonderful families and I hope to never take that for granted. It was one of the best weekends I've had in many months.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bread & Burn

Today, on one of the hottest, most humid days of summer so far, I decided I was going to make bread. Mom's recipe - I'd never attempted to make it without her in the room with me. I only had to call her once...and well, talk to her while I did most of the mixing, but still I was in my own home, with my own ingredients! And guess what...I can make bread! Still not as beautiful as what Mom makes..but it's bread and people are eating it. I may have to do this again. I will probably wait til the temps dip below 80 next time though.

B was working today. If he's got to work weekends, at least the day shift has him home by 6 p.m. and we can have supper together. After the bread baked off, I went to B's cousin's house to lounge in and around their pool. And that is where I burnt to a crisp. Darn SPF30 Sunscreen, should have used SPF130!

I'm going to go crank up the air conditioner and spray on some aloe vera and pretend that I've learned my lesson about the sun.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dinner, Movie & a Wireless Router

Tonite we finally hooked up with my sister-in-law and her husband and went on a double date! They both work shift work, and their shifts don't always coordinate so well with B's...so it's been awhile since the 4 of us have been together. Let me just say that I hit the in-law lottery - they are truly wonderful, giving, loving individuals - plus they love to eat and play cards - 2 of my favorite things!

As usual, I overate at Ruby Tuesdays - woo hoo, big surprise! Then we bought a new wireless router. Ours apparently died this afternoon and B was in mourning and I just can't bear to see him sad. More about easy 3-steps to install wireless router later. After our quick stop at Best Buy and after Brent asked every question he could think of of the poor Best Buy employee who asked if we had any questions about flat screen TVs (sorry Best Buy guy...run the next time you see us!), we headed to the movies. No need for popcorn or candy...my loose fitting shorts were feeling not so loose after our meal. We saw the movie "Grown-ups". Had all the funny guys I love - Adam Sandler, Rob Schnieder, Chris Rock. It was laugh-out-loud funny several times. It was just nice to sit in an air conditioned theater and hold hands with B.

So, we dropped my in-laws back off at their house and came home to set up our 3 step, easy to install wireless router. One hour later, with most of that spent with a phone glued to my ear trying to understand the very nice, patient, hard to understand Shrev from Belkin Customer Service...our wireless is working. It was not 3 easy steps...it was about 22 unintelligible at times steps. Not sure of all that I did, just know that it made it work and Shrev was very happy to help me.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Couple Things

So, as B and I watch the Batchelorette tonight, I realized what a cool husband I have. How many guys out there, would give up watching the Homerun Derby to watch the Batchelorette go on hometown dates? C'mon, raise your hands guys...how many of you?

It got me thinking, how many things that are sort of out of the norm do the two of us enjoy...so here's a short list:
  • Survivor/Big Brother/Bachelor/Bacholorette - I have turned my husband into a kind of reality TV junkie like me
  • Fantasy Baseball - yes ladies, I joined a league with B so I could see what it was all about. I find it fun and aggravating.
  • NASCAR Race Pool - we started one together and have run it for several years
  • Shopping - my B loves to go with me, loves the outlets...how did I get so lucky?

Maybe it isn't weird that we enjoy these things together - but something tells me that it's not the norm and for that I'm wicked glad!