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Saturday, October 29, 2011

How much can you stuff into one weekend?

This is B's weekend to work nights (which means he sleeps all day and I never see him), so I made the 3 hr 45 minute (4 hours if you don't speed) trip to my Dad's, which is also the same vicinity that the rest of my family lives.  So far I've...had supper at a local restaurant with Dad, 'let' Dad win the best of three in our favorite card game, gone to a benefit breakfast, watched my niece play a game of basketball, had lunch with another niece, let Dad win another best of three in the card game, gone grocery shopping with Dad and tonight we have a Halloween get together to go to.  I'm also anticipating a snowstorm tonight into tomorrow and another long drive back home.

I'm tired...but I wouldn't change a thing!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Special Delivery

So, I'm wondering what the guy at Goodwill thought when we pulled up in our vehicle and B opened the back door and white garbage bags started tumbling out.  Thirteen bags delivered, what a fabulous feeling to unload some of the stuff that has been crowding our closet space.  I'm hoping that someone is able to enjoy those things that we once loved (or bought on impulse)!

When we got back home, we loaded up our vehicle with 4 more bags to deliver to my sister this weekend.  For those of you counting - that's 17 over stuffed tall kitchen bags...the kind that stretch so you can put more in.  It's freaking me out a little bit to think that we had that much stuff that we didn't wear, use, or need.  Heaven help me, but I think there is at least one more closet and dresser that we need to go through!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Closet

 B and I have been cleaning out.  He's lost 28 pounds and I haven't.  Alright, I've lost 13 in the same amount of time.  Why can guys just stop eating one thing and lose a bag of flour?  Why? 

Anyway...back to the cleaning.  We decided to tote up all his clothes that were too big, throw out our stained stuff, take some things to Goodwill and to family, etc.  As of this afternoon, we have 8 garbage bags for Goodwill, 2 totes in the basement, 2 garbage bags of clothes for my sister and a smaller bag for one of my friends.  The closet is cleaned, organized and I'm in love with it.

It was a bit embarrassing, I found the outfits I'd worn on our honeymoon...the shorts, dresses, my going away outfit which looked so awful.  It's all in a Goodwill bag.  I hope someone won't look awful in it, the way I did.  I found 2 of my bridesmaid dress collection.  I put them in a tote to discover again in another 8 years. 

After all this, I still have more clothes than I should.  And I'll have a hard time not buying more the next time I go shopping.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Old Friends

So I'm getting ready for a visit this weekend from a wonderful friend. I've known her for more than 15 years and when B and I married, my friend and I promised that we would not lose touch. And 8 years later, I can honestly say we've held true to our promise. We might only see each other once or twice a year. But we email often and that helps us keep up with each other.

I probably won't be able to talk out loud on Monday - because I know we won't shut up this weekend. And I can't wait! So much to talk about, so little time.

B will hang out with us for awhile...then he'll disappear, because his ears will hurt!