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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankgiving Eve & Mom

So tomorrow is the big day.  I've already been on butterball.com to check out how long to cook the turkey that is still probably half frozen.  I think I'm going to miss my Mom more than usual tomorrow.  Especially when it comes to knowing how much seasoning and bread to put in the dressing.  How much water to put on the turkey.  How long do I cook the turnip and squash for Dad.  And most of all, not seeing her beautiful face at the table.  It will be 9 months tomorrow that Mom went to her heavenly home.  Sometimes it seems like much longer, some days it seems like it was just yesterday. 

And even though I miss Mom, I know that she is in a much better place.   I'm thankful that I had her for 47 years. And I'm thankful for my husband, family and friends.   What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Twas the week before Thanksgiving

and all through our house...Annie was starting to decorate for the next holiday and has even gone so far to order Christmas cards tonight.  Oh yeah, we're just skipping the fall decorating and moving into the snowmen and Christmas trees.  The house is lit from top to bottom and I'm loving it.

I'd like to have my halls decked before we leave for the Thanksgiving holiday.  B is having dental surgery on Monday, so while he is resting and recuperating I'm going to be decorating. 

Stay tuned...hope to post some pics soon!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Nieces & Nephews

So far tonight I've had a call from one of my nieces to discuss ipods and music and what she might like for Christmas.  And I had another nephew declare on Facebook that he loves his auntie. 

It's been a great night.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Today was, what used to be and what I hope to get back to, a typical Sunday.   We were up and at church by 9, in Freeport by 11 for a little Christmas shopping.  Back home by 3, with B in the man cave watching football and me playing house everywhere else. 

It was good to get back to church.  The past year, our attendance has been sketchy at best.  With mom's sickness, B's change to shift work, and my fear of going by myself...well, we have not been great at getting there.  That being said, it was good to go today.  We attend a large church - much bigger then what I grew up in.  We sat with B's cousin and played catch up with what's been going on in her family's life, were greeted by the very first couple (friends of B) who greeted us the very first time we ever attended, and B had a chance to talk to one of his basketball buddies.  All that and we heard a great message.

And Freeport was fun.  We got a few Christmas presents, had a nice lunch, and strolled the sidewalks with all the out of state shoppers, ha ha!

When we got home, I put away Halloween decorations and most of the fall stuff.  I'm so ready to put out my snowmen!  It's been a nice 3 day weekend.   I got some much needed rest, and the stress level was so low.

Going to enjoy these last few hours til Monday!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Shopping - Outlet Style

This weekend I went shopping with 2 great friends to North Conway, NH - outlet mecca!  We spent 2 glorious days hunting for the "big" bargains, using the kabillion coupons I had printed out and filling the trunk and half the backseat of the car.  Not to mention eating without thinking about calories for 36 wonderful hours!  I love shopping and I don't have to be the one spending the money, although trust me, I spent money! I love finding a bargain, picking out clothes or gifts for someone to check out.  In another time, another life, I would have made a great personal shopper.

So, I have had this fascination with UGGS, love them, want them, couldn't bring myself to buy them.  Someone told me that a woman of "my age" shouldn't wear them.  New Hampshire is the land of no sales tax.  We saw a sign that said UGGS.  My two friends did not talk me out of them.  Matter of fact they told me how cute they were.  What was a girl to do.  B has told me to get them for years (seriously how long I've wanted them).  I had saved up my mad money and gosh darn it, I did it.  I bought them.  They are now sitting in the entry room, freshly sprayed  to protect them.   I love them.  I'm scared to wear them.  What if I do something to them the first time.  Truthfully, I've been googling how to wear them tonight and with what.  Someone help me!

We are already planning another trip - and I think it'll happen before November 2012.  I'm going to wear my UGGS.