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Sunday, April 27, 2014


This weekend my sweet sister and her kids visited.  We talked and ate and went to the movies and watched movies and ate some more.  B loves my sister and loves having her here.  She occupies me and that allows him to watch his Red Sox uninterrupted.  It's a win/win for him and me!

My 14 year old niece is somewhat fascinated by the "sister" bond.  She has a brother, and we heard several times this weekend about how much she wanted a sister.  That isn't going to happen, but it gave me food for thought on the sister bond. 

We tried on clothes and ate candy and chips and discussed how much we need to NOT eat candy and chips and get our butts moving.   We don't mind sharing a bathroom, we did it all our growing up lives.  We have weird sayings that only the two of us get, and we can sit for hours not talking, but just being content that the other is in the same room.   We can be brutally honest with each other and it's ok.  I love having her around and am so blessed that she shares her children with me.  

B recognized this bond early on in our relationship and knows that it is something special.  I am not sure if all sisters have it, but I am so glad that we do.  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Company is Coming!

I got a wonderful phone call from my sister this afternoon.  She and her two kiddos are headed our way at the end of the week for a few days. Her husband has to work on Saturday so he won't be able to come down.   It's spring break at school and they picked our house to visit!  Yes!  She hasn't been here since November and that's just way too long.

She wants to sleep in every day, no problem!  Friday I have to work and B will just be coming home from his night shift, so it will be nice and quiet.  She is planning to visit her BFF from college and see her new baby.  New being the relative word, since I think he was born last fall!

Her other request is to have a low key weekend.  Um ok, but try not to be too tough on us!  If it rains we will go to the movies, of it doesn't we might play a little mini golf.  No matter what the weather, we will all hang out and enjoy each other's company.  B and my sister get along great.  Sometimes I think they get along better than he and I do!

I'm excited for the visit and the quality time with my sissy and the kids.  And a quiet weekend of them destroying the house sounds fabulous!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

I had no idea

This morning I attended a memorial service for a work friend's husband. He was a quiet, unassuming man and I hadn't really known him that well.  A hello in the hallway at the office, a little chat about the weather.  And then my friend asked me to help proof his obituary and I discovered that this was no ordinary man.  He had been in the service, worked in education at some of the highest levels, and then ended his career as a director of a nonprofit agency.  He had been a police officer and a bartender.  He loved his family, fishing, and to help people.  He had served in the boards of numerous nonprofit agencies and even at the state and federal level.   At this mornings service, which was a breakfast - his favorite meal and he wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the rest of their day, hence a morning memorial - he was honored by those who spoke as a calm, caring and thoughtful person.  Someone who put the needs of others above himself.  Someone who listened, thought about it, and then spoke.

I wish I had done more than just said hi in the hallway.  I wish I had taken the time to know him better.  I'm glad that I can be here to help my friend through this time, and I'm hoping I can learn more about her husband as we talk.  

This has been a huge reminder to me that we should never judge a book by its cover.  I thought he was a nice man, but truth be told, he was a great man.

I am hoping to take this morning's lessons to heart.  Take the time to get to know those around you and do something for somebody every day.  Thank you, Gil for those lessons!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bye Bye Snow!

I think the snow is finally going.  I can see brown grass, my faded out Santa garden flag is visible again and needs to be removed promptly!  Don't get me wrong, the pile of snow at the bottom of our driveway is still as tall as the car, but it used to be as tall as our SUV, so there has been progress!

The melting snow is revealing the ugly truth of what happened this winter during the ice storm.  We have a ton of branches on the ground and two trees that are going to be chopped up and hauled away hopefully soon.  It's going to be a lot of work to get it all cleaned up, but I'm ready to take it on.   Of course we have to wait for the ground to harden up just a little bit.  I would probably sink to my ankles if I stepped out on the lawn.

One of the other casualties of the winter is our mailbox.  It took a big hit from the plow and has bravely done it's duty for the last few months.  The door closes, if you put a little muscle into it.  But we have come home to very soggy mail a couple of times.  I guess we have a weak mail person!

We put away our winter boots and snowshoes and jackets last night.  I'm ready for hiking and walks and maybe even a little bit of biking this spring!