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Sunday, August 17, 2014

You Can't Be Everywhere

This is one of B's non-work weekends.  We have enjoyed each other's company, gone out to eat, done a little shopping, went to church this morning, visited with our family this afternoon and celebrated one of our cousin's 16th birthday.  It's been a wonderful weekend.

This weekend, my family up north celebrated the baptism of my niece and nephew.  And thankfully, with today's social media, I have been able to see photos of this blessed event.   Even though I would love to have been there to see it in person, it is not possible for me to be everywhere.  Thankfully, I think my family know how much I love them and support them in all ways.

No matter where we live, or what we do, we are never going to be able to attend every event.  It's just not physically possible.  We have tremendous families and friends on both ends of this state, that we love so much.   So we do our best to get to as much as we can and still carve out time for ourselves. 

It's a balancing act and so far, I think we have done a pretty good job at it!

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  1. It was such a nice baptism,I am so blessed to see my sunday school kids grow into young men and women that love the Lord.9 young people were batized,that is just so awesome because our church in so small in numbers now.