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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

HIs Christmas Gift

The past couple of years, B has asked for a magic bullet, or nutri bullet, or some sort of thing that makes smoothies.  And for the past couple of years, I've ignored him when he put it on his Christmas list or suggested that we pick one up when we are out shopping.  Until this year. 

I was having a hard time thinking of something to get him that would surprise him. I was on my "last" shopping trip of the season, in Kohl's, wandering around and there they were.  Bright, shiny, pretty colors, marked down.  The Magic Bullet.  I had 30% off and a $10 coupon.  It was like they were paying me bring it home and wrap it up, so I did.  And in that moment, I did not realize what kind of smoothie monster I was creating. 

To say B was surprised, is an understatement.  We opened our gifts on Christmas Eve, he admired the box and set it aside.  We left the next morning to visit my family for a few days.  When we returned on Sunday night, we made a grocery run and he filled our cart with kale and avocado and berries and all kinds of stuff he had read about. 

I came home from work on Monday and my counter was covered with Magic Bullet parts.  The questions were flying at my furiously - how would he take the cover off, what was this part for, how much should he put in the cup?  What?  Not my gift, not my thing. 

His first attempt was the same color as baby poop and I did not hesitate to tell him.  He drank it anyway.  Declared that it didn't taste that great, but he felt healthier already.

Day 2, I suggested he add a little less green and a little more berries.  So he tried that.  This concoction resembled poo from a baby that had eaten beets.  He claimed the taste was a little better.  I wasn't going to try it to prove him wrong. 

He also had visited the health food store for some kind of seeds and goji berries that he had read about that cost about a million dollars, but have huge health benefits.  They don't grind up that great, but once again - they are good for you!  Now his smoothies have a little crunch every once in a while.  Bonus!

Did I mention that the Magic Bullet parts are still all over the counter?  We've been able to put a few away that we don't use every day, but he needs the rest readily available if he decides he needs to "be healthy".

I have yet to take a sip of all this goodness.  I'm holding out for an all fruit smoothie, no green leafy vegetables or nuts and weird dried fruit for this girl!

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