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Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Start

Welcome 2015.  So, let's try this blogging thing again. 

We've had a busy few months.  We took a wonderful week-long trip to Jamaica in October to celebrate our 10th anniversarya.  Every day was paradise.  We had a sunset photo session, ate like royalty and had our first massage.  I've never had a vacation where my greatest decision of the day was which bathing suit to wear.  I will have another vacation like that again - sooner rather than later!

We spent Thanksgiving at home with B's family.  My sister and her kids flew in from Florida and joined us just in time for the meal.  There were 17 around our table (and in our living room on tv trays.)  It was a tiny bit stressful, but in the end, a blessed day.

Christmas was different this year.  B's mom is currently in the midst of chemo and radiation and ended up in the hospital the Thursday before Christmas.  She was released on Christmas Eve and we spent that evening celebrating with B's family.  His mom is not well, and we ask for your prayers as she continues this journey.  We hope she will be healed and be with us for many years to come.  We woke up Christmas morning, bright and early and after visiting with B's mom for a little bit, headed north to my family.  Much fun was had.  We enjoyed visiting with our nieces and nephews.  Watching some basketball, playing cards and eating. 

And now we are in the new year.  B is working nights, I'm hanging at home, trying to put the house back in order.  I think that's going to take a few more days, but there is no hurry. 

What's up in 2015?  Well, we've been talking about that a little bit.  I think we are planning to redo our upstairs bathroom, which will be a huge project!  Maybe a quick trip to Florida and lots of trips to the coast and beach this spring, summer and fall.  We want to spend time with our family's and friends and with each other.  I'm hoping we get to church more often and just enjoy this time of our lives.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!  And I hope you will join me in my 2015 journey!

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