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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snow Day #7

It's been another one of those snowy winters and we are now on Snow Day #7, or as I like to call them "Work at Home in Your PJs" days.  Thankfully this is actually winter break at our school department, so today's Work at Home in Your PJs day only affects those of us that are year around in Central Office.  No student will have to go to school one day longer in June due to today. 

As much as I love sitting on my couch, with a rerun of America's Next Top Model playing in the background, I am pretty tired of the snow, blizzards, high winds, that we have in January and February.

So tired in fact, that B and I are heading to Florida  in two weeks for a nice long weekend of sunshine.  No plans while we are there, except to lay by a pool, or play mini golf.  I'd like to go pack right now, but I will hold off and wait for at least another day or two!

Spring can come anytime.  And I know that we are at least 5 weeks away from any sign of it around here.  I long to see the green grass  and buds on trees and a flower or two peeking through.  Florida is going to be a wonderful treat and hopefully will be just what I need to get me through this rough winter. 

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